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Pathway to build sustainable success

Pathway to build sustainable success as an independent teacher

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An independent teaching path is very much like sailing. It is all about navigating your direction and how to get there through uncertainty. With the right mindset and process, you can do it.

What educators say

“Superb! … The information Minji shares is so insightful and clearly presented in a fun way. It has given me a better understanding of the motivations and cultural similarities and differences between China and England, which will certainly benefit me when teaching children from China…The ‘in the home’ videos of real families, coupled with verbal discussion and quiz style interaction throughout made the whole experience so enjoyable and engaging.”

Karen, online EFL/ESOL English language teacher

“During two sessions with Minji, I got a much better feel for where the Chinese parents are coming from, and why they have chosen foreign tutors for their children. I started to see my value to the families, and consider more fully what else I could be doing to build trust and add value, and to alleviate some of the intense pressure these families are under.

My first session with Minji inspired me to start reading Chinese news sources. I watched a video of a young man crying in his family’s kitchen when he found out he had passed the exam to get into a good university. I read comments on social media discussions that helped me see why Chinese parents are so into tutoring their children. All those extra hours of tutoring are not designed to pressurise children. Rather, it seems many parents are looking for a kinder way to prepare their child for the workplace.

Kath, online science and EFL/ESOL English language teacher

“Having your WeChat workshop and reading through all of the amazing information on your blog really helped to refine my idea and steer it in the right direction..”

Kate, online EFL/ESOL English language teacher

About me

My name is Minji. I am an online learning designer living in London who grew up in China.

With a combined background in business consulting, learning experience design, and community management (using both Chinese and Western social media), I am here to support you.

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